Private prayer is the one communication that the government can't hear.

Comic Paul Dean said, "The nice thing about meditation is that it makes doing nothing look respectable." Bill Maher, the host of "Real Time" on HBO, said that prayer does nothing. One argument applied to prove that prayer does nothing is to point to the disaster, war, and evil in the world.

We hear about failures of prayer to heal evil, but do we hear about any subsets of evil being healed? In 1969, Bruce and John Klingbeil began to test "Can a subclass of prayer making an imprint make sense to science?"

What did Bruce and John discover? They found that loving prayers subtly nudge disorder toward order. They contrasted two styles of prayer. One that promotes goals. One that promotes a fitting response. Bruce and John also supplied a new theory about why the subconscious mind hacks and blurs some memories we have of our spiritual and psychic experiences.

The father and son founded Spindrift Inc. to support education and research in the fields of consciousness, prayer, and spirituality. They saw the scientific method as a path-finder for the prayer forces. Bruce and John worked as Christian Science practitioners.

Words have meaning. Years before 9/11, Spindrift urged people to pay attention to the negative prayers as dark promises by Islamic terrorists. When prayer is toxic is the most important prayer issue of our times.

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"A Journey Into Prayer" presents the clearest explanation of the scientific basis of prayer that I have ever read. Bill Sweet shows how prayer can bring together science and religion in a meaningful dialog that will help us understand and apply our own powers to heal.

-- Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D., Author, Breakthrough

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