Welcome to Spindrift. In 1969, Bruce and John Klingbeil began to test a subclass of imprints from prayer that might make sense to science.

Bruce and John contrasted two imprints of prayer. One imprint that promotes goals. One imprint that promotes a fitting response. They found that the love and quality in prayer subtly nudge disorder toward order. They also supplied a new theory about why the subconscious mind alters some memories we have of spiritual and psychic experiences.

The father and son founded Spindrift Inc. to support education and research in the fields of consciousness, prayer, and spirituality. Bruce and John were Christian Science practitioners.

Spindrift explored positive and negative prayers. Years before 9/11, Spindrift urged people to pay attention to the negative prayers as dark promises by Islamic terrorists. Prayers sent to kill is the most important prayer issue of our times. Cyber terrorism tunnels through the Internet to hit targets. Toxic prayer tunnels through dark consciousness to hit targets.

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Spindrift Research
I have used and practice with prayer all of my life. I have used with mastered intention prayer to direct my life an thoughts along with meditation. What I found is I could create good events in my life including jobs,relationships etc. What I know and believe is all thoughts are a form of prayer positive good and negative. What I found is once I started recognizing how my negative thoughts became responsible for creating the negative events as well. Then I had to take responsibility for those events as well and watch even with more care and diligence to my negative thinking. Becoming more focused through the use of affirmations was greatly more effective with effecting more positive changes. In 2011 I said a prayer for a man driving a truck full of trees aloud as he came around a corner passing me as I sat in my car. I said a prayer for him and for the trees on his truck and all trees with LOVE filling my heart words and energy field around me. As he came around the corner he seemed to be looking directly into my eyes. It was winter so he could not have heard me and all my windows were up on my car. As he came pass my window I looked directly into his face his truck went around 50 feet and stopped dead and there it sat for a week as I continued to go pass. I was shocked but I have to admit I laughed each time I passed it and found it still sitting there. I did not laugh at that time because I was shocked but I knew it was because of my prayer filled with love. It was not my intention to stop dead his truck I did not even think this to be possible. Once we recognized that all thoughts are filled with this powerful directed energy we have to take careful responsibility. I can say that there are people who are working with dark forces in this world and do not want this truth to be known...how powerful we really are. I was raised to know that we are of the seeds of the Divine and we have these same potentialities and capabilities. The first parts to Genesis tells us directly the course of this truth...first the thought and then aloud the spoken word and all of life was manifested!

-- deena risingsong

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Spindrift Research