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Bruce and John Klingbeil worked with prayer as Christian Science practitioners. They isolated two imprints from prayer that might make sense to scientists.

What are these two different imprints from prayer? One imprint promotes a goal. The other imprint promotes a fitting response. Bruce and John also researched the love and quality that subtly nudge disorder toward order. They also supplied a new theory about why the subconscious mind obscures some memories we have of our paranormal experiences.

Bruce asked, "How should we address new technology and findings that overwhelm spirituality and religion?" The father and son founded Spindrift to support research in the fields of consciousness, prayer, and spirituality.

Prayers directed to kill is the most important religion issue of our times. Spindrift tested positive and negative prayers. Years before 9/11, Spindrift urged people to pay attention to the negative prayers as dark promises by Islamic terrorists. Cyber evil tunnels through the Internet to hit targets. Negative prayer tunnels through dark consciousness to hit targets.

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Spindrift Research
well first I will say that there are spiritual laws --- there are in the k.j.v. when you analyze what is being taught as in Peter getting out of the boat and defying the laws of psychics you hear many different views of what happened if you analyze what was said --you will see that Peter had a part in that ability !!! you say how so --well he was told that he could do it so what was his part "he believed HE could DO it" so when he started looking around and seeing that he could not do this he started to sink --now the power that was causing it was not him but his belief that he could activated that power --- take the woman that had an issue of blood 12 yrs ---how was she healed "she said in her heart that if she could just touch the edge of his Garment she would be healed " and I see that law there also so what do I mean well there were many people touching him with out any effect but she was healed why ???? she believed that if she touched the edge of his garment she would be healed and she was --while the others around them were not ----the power was there but it was accessed by her belief --not in that he could ---but that he would heal her -- there are many other examples I could talk of but just wanted to share my understanding of these laws that cause prayer to function

-- samuel meek

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Spindrift Research