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Bruce and John Klingbeil worked with positive prayers as Christian Science practitioners. They isolated two imprints from prayers that might make sense to scientists.

What are these two imprints from prayers? One imprint promotes a goal. The other imprint promotes a fitting response. Bruce and John also researched the love and quality that subtly nudge disorder toward order. They also supplied a new theory about why the subconscious mind obscures some memories we have of our spiritual and psychic experiences.

Bruce asked, "How should we address new technology and findings that overwhelm spirituality and religion?" The father and son founded Spindrift to support research in the fields of consciousness, prayer, and spirituality.

Spindrift tested positive and negative prayers. Years before 9/11, Spindrift urged people to pay attention to the negative prayers as dark promises by Islamic terrorists. Cyber evil tunnels through the Internet to hit targets. Negative prayer tunnels through dark consciousness to hit targets. Dark prayers directed to kill have become a colossal problem for religion.

To probe the Spindrift story, see Bill Sweet's book. Click below.

Spindrift Research
Bill Sweet's excellent book "A Journey Into Prayer" offers compelling evidence for the efficacy of healing prayer in the vegetable kingdom. He describes dozens of successful laboratory experiments investigating the growth of plants, yeast, and mold, spanning more than two decades. He also describes the passionate conflict between the researchers at Spindrift and the "believers," who feel that prayer is a matter of faith, not to be investigated in the laboratory.

-- Russell Targ, physicist and writer

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Spindrift Research