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  1. Quantum physics and quantum prayer.
  2. Quality and quantity.
  3. Three Spindrift discoveries are: the micro-effects of Quality from prayer; the placebo effects from prayer; and how human beings are led off course from getting a good look at anything paranormal.
  4. The meaning of the word Quality that permeates our human experiences.
  5. Associational Linkage is the path of entanglement for linkage to persons, pets, places, and plants.
  6. Prayer addresses our inborn identity as the divine identity of man and woman.
  7. Five insightful hints about prayer.
  8. People who tolerate paranormal beliefs.
  9. Mary Baker Eddy and science.
  10. When religions and prayers travel over to the dark side which includes the Islamic terrorists.
  11. Evil prayers from religious people.
  12. Reasons for doing experiments on plant organisms.
  13. The Klingbeils' motives to do their research in the light of cultural changes.
  14. Protection from types of interference and noise including prayer in a Faraday Cage.
  15. An hypothesis to test if prayers have any effect on children in the public schools.
  16. The Mind-Body-Spirit connections.
  17. Our audible and silent prayers.
  18. What the word spindrift means.
  19. Opposition to Spindrift.
  20. Purpose of Spindrift.
  21. Predictions by Spindrift.

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