Blocked Lives Matter

The gist of the children’s book of The Secret Garden was a place for a special girl to retreat that was unlike anyplace else. The Secret Garden was a place of pleasant sounds and isolation from society.

Some golf players come to realize that it’s partly the peace and quiet of the mental atmosphere on the greens that makes them feel good to be out on the greens.

There are fewer and fewer places for human beings to retreat. Noises and agitation pervade almost everywhere we go.

With so much noise in modern society, do we even know quiet? It’s doubtful.

During sleep there are few hours of peace and quiet anymore. We have become used to sleeping through the micro-noises around us.

I used to stand on my balcony between two to four in the morning. In the distance I could hear a freight train clicking on the tracks. This morning I asked myself, “The train is there, why can’t I hear it?” It occurred to me that there had been an increase in micro-noises. The noise level was not low enough to reveal the train that was present there. My early hours of so-called quiet had enough micro-noises to erase the sound of the distant train. My world was not the same.

I was reminded of 9/11. The best sound from my stereo system and playing my drums was during the week after the 9/11 terrorist atrocities. What was different then? No air turbulence from airplanes! Airplanes were not flying above me or anywhere in the skies of United States for a week. Micro-agitations from the sky were gone. Everything was still. What a true sense of peace and quiet that had the earmarking (pun intended) of how I remembered sound when I was a child.

Hints of spiritual reality and psychic phenomena are present in our surroundings. Could the modern noises of life contribute to hiding these realities from us? Yes. An increase in noise seems a reasonable explanation why so few paranormal phenomena get clearly through to us human beings. Our minds are full of noise.

Even with our eyes, if an image is being rattled and agitated, how can you get a clear focus on it? Not easily. We human beings have been conditioned with noise and agitation, so the deeper realities don’t get through very often to our human perceptions.

Jesus Christ recommended that human beings go into a prayer closet to pray. What is a prayer closet? A place where interference can’t reach you or interference is greatly reduced. A prayer closet is a room or chamber or area where your thoughts and prayers are secret to you, so your wavelength or frequency can’t be picked up, tuned into, and monitored by well-meaning people, or noisy spies, or those who would deliberately interfere with your thoughts.

Jesus words are, “When you pray, enter into your inner room, and having shut your door, pray to your Father, the One in secret. And your Father, the One seeing in secret, will reward you.” (Matthew 6:6)

We need places to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the noises of our increasingly overpopulated Earth.

Do blocked lives matter? Yes. It’s becoming nearly impossible to find a private place of quiet anymore to block out interference agitating our lives. But Jesus told us that we should find such scared closets or rooms. A prayer closet is a temporary way to get unplugged from interference.

When is the last time you had a few moments of quiet for your own thoughts? You are probably stumped.

Without blocked lives from noise and interference, we very rarely can hear or see the divine thoughts and wonders of Spirit that require a quiet background to be perceived. Blocked lives matter.

More about blocked lives from noise can be read at Question 7, number 4, on the FAQ page here.

Bill Sweet

Spindrift Research