The Trickster as the Trumpster

Actress, Shirley MacLaine, is known for her psychic intuitions. In 2011, MacLaine suggested for the presidency, "Wouldn't you want to see Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura running together?" For the POTUS spot, she was right.

In 2012, comedian Joan Rivers told an interviewer that Donald Trump should be the President of the country.

Donald Trump may be the first candidate and President of the United States driven by paranormal intuition. Here's why: Trump has shared characteristics simpatico with the "Trickster" and psychic intuition.

What is Trickster behavior? It's the unseen use of chaos, tricks, disruption, and unpredictability that disobey normal rules of accomplishing goals. Among observers, there is disbelief that any goals can be accomplished in the frenzied chaos created by Trickster behavior. Despite the chaos, somehow some goals are achieved. Even many 'believers' are surprised goals are accomplished.

A leader whose decisions and negotiations are unpredictable keep his enemies on their toes guessing and fretting what the leader might do.

From experience and or intuition, a Trickster personality is equipped to uncover the activities of the underbelly of society which could also include who actually runs the country. Most people hear that said and think it’s a crazy conspiracy theory.

What is psychic intuition? Psychic intuition provides unconscious foresight to know helpful information that intuitively fills some potholes in the road before driving over them. A majority of people don't perceive and worry about the same potholes until much later after they personally hit the potholes. Being alert to intuition usually helps a person avoid suffering and shorten a learning curve.

Experts on Trump are called Trumped Specialists. I wager they don't consider his Trickster and psychic overtones. These experts should add to their understanding that Trump is a psychic bully. Being a psychic bully is very Trumpian.

Some characteristics of people who are deeply involved in psychic intuitions are these: They get the Trickster mixed into their daily routines. In other words, several non-normal activities are engrained into their lives. They may hold down a normal job, but their thinking is not in the average center of society's thinking. Their thinking is liminal (on the dark fringes of society) where most people don't choose to go or think.

In the television series, House M.D., Dr. Gregory House is a Trickster character. Why does Dr. House get away with being devious, obscene, liminal, undiplomatic, adolescent, obnoxious, uninhibited, impulsive, uncontrollable, erratic, narcissistic, and shifting positions? The doctors and administrators know Dr. House has smarts that can deal unconventionally with medical problems they can't solve without his help. His behavior revolts them until they discover he has saved yet another patient.

Dr. House and Donald Trump are doctors with bad bedside manners. But they address problems in undiplomatic ways others miss or are afraid to address because of consequences and etiquette.

That Donald Trump has no filter between his mind and mouth works to his advantage, but it's also a weakness.

Many Tricksters tell lies. When the lies catch up with them, a Trickster's 'charisma' diffuses the lies quite well, but not always. During the time of lying, being devious, and shifting positions, in the chaos, phenomenal creativity and work get accomplished.

Tricksters are often refreshing to see in action using their skills versus having things done the same old boring way. Critics who shout, "Orange man bad!," have not hurt Trump too much. The phrase has backfired and helps Trump's image somehow.

Tricksters tend to flex their muscles to achieve goals. In the Showtime cable series Billions, the hedge fund manager, Bobby Axelrod, and the United States Attorney, Chuck Rhoades, are cunning and narcissistic Trickster characters. Axelrod, Rhoades, House M.D., and Donald Trump flex their muscles and act like mob bosses. Sometimes leaders have to be bullies because they deal with bullies.

Critics and admirers discover charismatic Trickster people are moving targets they can't anticipate or figure out.

The 1999 film mystery thriller Eyes Wide Shut is an example of the Trickster operating secretly in the underbelly of society unknown to the rest of society.

How is it many Trickster and paranormal people get away with doing things that so-called normal people can't get away with doing? It's because attraction to their charisma gives them high-status, a status which excuses bad behaviors, but not forever.

For example, in the Bible charismatic King David had high-status as King of Judah and Israel. King David was effective as a leader 'despite' being vulgar sometimes or when stealing a man's wife and having the husband murdered.

Years before King David, there was his ancestor, Jacob. Jacob was a Trickster who conned people. Later, Jacob used his charm for good. Through his fourth son, Judah, the Davidic lineage ascended to the Messiah.

The audience for Sirius Radio's Howard Stern Show anticipates Stern to broadcast taboo questions and unmentionable sexual Trickster messages.

Liminal and flamboyant thinker, Milo Yiannopoulos, is an entertaining and disruptive Trickster personality.

Few would deny that charismatic entertainer Michael Jackson was a genius. His private life was infected with the Trickster element of pedophilia.

Woody Allen has almost everyone convinced he acted perverted with two of his daughters. Allen's cinematic power and wealth have compartmentalized most fans to continue to support his art but sidestep his pedophilia.

Most people cheer on charismatic Tiger Woods to win golf tournaments even though he was a serial adulterer.

Overall, Trickster and paranormal personalities tend to express an entertainment value. In the role of a jester or comedian, a Trickster personality can bluntly and inelegantly say good or bad things other people dare not say out loud, but secretly wish they could say out loud. Both punch lines and counter punches come forth with ease. For example, eyes pop open when Donald Trump speaks like a construction worker. In construction terms, Trump is a wrecking ball.

Get into a conversation with a paranormal person, and you will soon jump down several rabbit holes until someone says, "Wait! Did I really hear you say that bizarre thing?"

Tricksters, conspirators, and paranormalists provoke dramas. Paranormal people tend to be obsessed with the concept of conspiracy; Trump and his wall to protect the western world, for example. They think anyone who doesn't accept their positions is part of a plan to attack them. "It's a conspiracy." And sometimes they may be right about that. People are out to get them. For example, Trump and his ninety-one lawfares and fifty-one signatures to secure that the Hunter laptop was Russian and not a real laptop.

Tricksters are easily provoked and disruptive to the established order. They point out and cause anger when corporations and politicians make decisions before country such as the wall.

Few of us are able to literally "speak our minds." Most people can't or won't speak their minds. People either think a thought that doesn't come out verbally the way it was thought subconsciously, or their etiquette and defense mechanisms prevent them from saying what's really on their minds. Just about everything said is edited; evaluated for its social acceptability or its political correctness before it is spoken.

In contrast to the norm, paranormal and Trickster people often speak their minds. They speak openly without being stopped by inhibitions from their subconscious minds. This freedom to speak openly is a "loose cannon" that sometimes gets them in trouble for saying inappropriate words similar to a child who blurts out whatever comes to mind. Sometimes shy and guarded people secretly wish they could speak that way.

Some paranormal people's freedom of thought almost makes them anti-social for saying things that pop out with little or no editing. Sometimes this uninhibited, unedited speech brands them as anti-social or societal rejects. Only a person with extreme charisma can get away with this kind of loose communication, but not forever.

Just as psychics draw upon their unconscious thoughts leading to their intuitions, Tricksters tend to speak out spontaneously. For example, Trump and his impetuous tweets.

When thinking too much about what to say, psychics lose their mojo (spontaneity). The same spontaneity has to occur for comedic wit. Waiting too long discharges the comedic effect.

A skill of a Trickster is, he can operate in chaos. A Trickster personality doesn’t necessarily solve problems through harmony; on the contrary, he prefers to be a disruptor and stir things up.

People complain the businessman, Trump, is "unfit" for the office. The definition of fit is "suitable for the purpose or circumstances." Yet, if we don't have a President who is a businessman, we are doomed.

Would you agree these above characteristics are Donald Trump's characteristics? We should ask for a President who thinks outside the box. We may get a President who thinks way-out in the outer limits.

During the 2024 Trump porn star trial, the paranormal came up. Under oath, Stormy Daniels said she could speak with the dead. A lawyer should have asked her, “Ms. Daniels. The next time you speak with the dead. Could you ask Jeffrey Epstein who killed him?”

In summary of the Trumpist. If you are searching for an explanation of The Donald, here's one:

Trump has Trickster Attraction. The premise of Trump is nothing-normal. So what is left for us to see? Overstatement of representations, conspiracy depictions, raw retorts, cheeky and paranormal thinking. Maybe the times cry out for such disruptive thinking in government. The outcome is, disruptive thinking keeps government workers and world leaders on their toes.

[Since the presidency of Trump, anti-Trumpers have experienced PTSD; Post Trump Stress Disorder.

Also, an assassin’s bullet was closer than the 2020 election.

Readers ask me what is my speculation for a 2024 presidential candidate? Michelle Obama drafted at the Democrat Convention.]

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