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Welcome to the Spindrift Research website that describes two tested agendas that drive some prayers.  The website also describes the defense mechanisms in our minds which act like the Men in Black to prevent people from noticing the subtle spiritual gifts they didn't know they have.

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In 1969, Bruce and John Klingbeil began the Spindrift Research.  The father and son worked as Christian Science practitioners.  In the afternoons, they worked as Christians in science applying the scientific method on the intention of Quality effects in prayer.  Two effects of prayer showed perceptible results.

Spindrift isolated a bifurcation of prayer-effects, which are:  Volitional effects that are willful and pushy.  And holy Quality effects that reference 'norms of order' that improve a healing or situation. 

The word spindrift means the turbulence of waves during a storm in the ocean that tosses a fast hitting spray at the top of the waves.  The fast spray is called spindrift.  Spindrift spray hurts when it hits people in the face.  Spindrift waves are stirring and symbolize a stirring of thought. 

Spindrift Research found itself in religious and scientific turbulences for testing prayer.  The name Spindrift became a perfect fit because it described the opposition to testing prayer in a laboratory and the bizarre deaths of the Spindrift founders.

Prayer is a popular subject to study.  Yet for some people Spindrift crossed the redline when people volunteered to be tested during prayer.  You would assume there would be enthusiasm for doing research of prayer, but the reality was far different. 

I was looking for people interested in the research of human consciousness and prayer.  I was fortunate to meet the Klingbeils.  Their work bridged a gap that many people believe is impossible, which is tracking the effects of some prayers.  Skeptics should have the teasers and anomalies of Christianity and Spindrift, too.

For Spindrift, holy prayer fights for order coming out of types of chaos.

Negative prayers have no religious boundaries.  Spindrift was the first group to warn the public about the negative prayers prayed from various religions which included the prayers of the Islamic terrorists.

The purpose of this website is to keep the Klingbeils’ experiments, data, and approaches to measuring effects from thought and prayer.  For a PDF of the technical data of the experiments, ask for The Spindrift Papers:   You can click the Contact Page above.  Bill Sweet has also written A Journey into Prayer.   This book covers the religious controversies and experiments of Spindrift:  Please click the banner below.

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