Spindrift Research
Exploring consciousness and prayer

Why the nautical term "spindrift"?

The word spindrift refers to the fast nail-like spray atop a wave during a storm over seawater or oceans.

What does the name Spindrift mean in connection to prayer research?

The name Spindrift symbolizes the peaks of waves, wind, and spray as they interface between visible matter and invisible consciousness at the edge of the waves. The agitation in the waves symbolizes the stir that the tests of prayer and consciousness have brought to the conscious awareness of some atheists and believers alike. The mental imprints including subtle healing that the tests have occasioned have created both outrage and interest. Thus the word spindrift meaning the windblown cutting edge of a wave has become apropos to describe the research. You might say Spindrift is New Edge thinking (pun intended).

Spindrift Research