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Yes. Quality improves our circumstances.

Does prayer standup for a better reality? 

Yes, if prayer includes Quality, then prayer stands up for a better reality.

How does Quality act on our reality?

Quality acts like Pattern Radar. The effect of Quality is to reveal patterns of order.

If Quality is missing in something, most human beings know it. Without Quality, the world is not as symmetrical, beautiful and whole to us. 

Please define Quality

Quality is the hidden beneath what is exceptional in existence. Quality is the Christ-impulse that promotes improved patterns of order in spiritual healing, values, character, creativity, and motives. Quality uplifts and improves its objects of contact by degrees. Quality brings out what is best or is nearest best for the objects it touches.

Prayer doesn't make Quality work. Quality makes prayer work.

In the proper context, Quality can equated to the holy-element or Christ-impulse that empowers prayer.

Holy prayer often reveals purpose or increases the Quality of purpose.

Quality in us improves our motive to perceive a good goal to achieve.

Quality breaks-away from no distinctive special features in life for higher ground.

Quality is sometimes found in a goal-directed prayer.

Quality is always found in non goal-directed prayer.

What effect does Quality have?

The Prime Directive of Quality is to bring good improvements for our circumstances.

Quality causes a prayer-a-digm shift toward what is an appropriate improvement.

Quality imputes a pattern of order on the objects of prayer.

Quality seeks a fitting relationship between the objects and their circumstances.

Quality can shift our perspective to perceive more of the inborn identity, true purpose, order, and harmony not perceived before.

A situation involving Quality is nudged toward the normalcy and order that is right or nearest right. That is because harmonious lines of improvement come from Quality.

Bruce said, "John and I feel that the quality of a healer's thought is a very important question to investigate. In human consciousness, the higher the quality of thought, the holier is the thought. Higher quality thought brings increasing order."

Quality develops infrastructures in our subsconscious thoughts that support love, beauty, compassion, forgiveness, balance, creativity, meaning, agreement, evidence of alignment and synchronization that steer our intentions to bring about the ordering-effects that are apropos for the circumstances.

For any person who seeks to improve his life and skills, Quality affirms and encourages improved character traits, motives, and norms of true identity. All of which potentially have a carryover effect on the object of prayer. The emergence of true identity manifests the potential purpose of a person, a plant, an invention, talent, artwork, or situation.

Quality is not human or made of matter, but Quality attaches to the human mind where it's welcomed. Quality is like Christ or it can be the Christ given the proper context. Quality as the Christ is the divine dial tone.

In a world context, one could conceive of Quality as the universal Christ that restores elements of harmony, gives freedom, and creatively presents ordering-effects for people and situations.

In an individual context, Quality scales up ordering-effects when we practice our talents and skills. Quality enriches our experiences with purpose, improvements, talents, and skills.

What are ordering-effects? Ordering-effects are mending-effects. Ordering-effects improve what they touch. Ordering-effects bring forth order and structure out of chaos.

Healing involves finding innate order. A healing is where ordering-effects repair toward the norms that define improvement. When a healing shows up, an oomph of order has emerged.

Ordering-effects on healing are further explained on the Overview page.

Spindrift introduced the concept of both a human thought force and a holy thought force that operate in human consciousness. The holy thought force is Quality. Sometimes the holy thought force engages the human thought force to change its human goals. Why? So the goals become more aligned with Christ-mindedness and refined toward a better fit of order for what is needed under the circumstances.

There is a thin layer of protection on civilization. 

Civilization has been called "a thin crust over a volcano." Spindrift theorizes that extreme chaos is checked when Quality and Christ maintain enough ordering-effects for the norms, so the thin veneer of order on civilization is not destroyed. Theoretically, there is this veneer bubble. This veneer is affected and augmented by world prayers. This theory of a salutary bubble over the world has no direct evidence to still a skeptic. Irrespective, the world does need more ordering-effects from Quality and Christ to hold extreme chaos from being dominate.

Human nature often prays selfish prayers for one's own desires. Praying selfish prayers adds nothing of Quality going to protect the veneer, the thin bubble over world consciousness. Praying for the world is evolved tribal prayer. World prayer desires to protect the collective. (See a description of indirect prayer on the Theory page here.)

In short, Quality helps organize spirituality and order. Holy thought may be the highest type of Quality thought. Quality in prayer helps an organism grow closer to its purpose and a fitting match of order. For an example of purpose, see the Random Number Experiments on the Experiments page.

Are intention and Quality the same intention?

No. Intention may or may not include Quality. Quality is an attachment to intention. Quality permeates and improves intention. Quality encourages us to pay attention to our intention.

The Spindrift angle is that prayer is not necessarily guided by intention alone. The influence of Quality determines prayer's finest effectiveness. Effectiveness is determined by the norms and needs in a situation normalized toward order as best as possible for the circumstances.

In goal-directed prayer, one sees a goal. For example, one could say his or her intended goal is to buy a house. But one's intention can be something more than the desired goal. The intention could be to believe, rightly or wrongly, that getting the house one wants will lead to some kind of happiness, relief, ease, status, or enlightenment.

In non goal-directed prayer, the mind goes directly to the Quality of the intention. A non goal-directed approach to prayer lets in Quality to guide a result in place of one's determined will or ego-centered desire focused on a goal. The result should be a more appropriate house which is less short sighted that avoids some unintended consequences.

So is there an underlying intention to have a goal or not, and the prayer having a degree of Quality or not? Yes. A goal and intention working without Quality usually produce big shifts. Adding Quality works more subtly. Quality nudges intention toward what is normal and best for the situation. Take Michelangelo who started his goal with a large hammer on a rock. Then Michelangelo switched to refined methods of Quality to reveal the sculpture in the rock.

John Klingbeil wrote about this distinction in thought. "It is easier to be impressed with our ideas than to be sensitive to the quality of our thought." Identity Field Theory, page 57.

Quality acts like a piano tuner by tuning a situation by making subtle adjustments and refinements. Quality brings circumstances around to a better pattern of order and normalcy rather than circumstances tuned to what we want. With non goal-directed Quality thought, the circumstances are tuned toward a type of harmony. Quality begets more Quality. It's constructive to desire Quality. When we push Quality to do what we want, we are imposing will-power to hinder Quality.

A Bible verse about Spirit acting like the wind might help explain why the word quality is not easy to define. "The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going." (John 3:8.) Wind is invisible and unpredictable, yet who would deny the reality of the wind? Though the cause of quality is hidden, the effect of quality is seen, heard, and felt.

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said, I can't define pornography, but I know it when I see it." Quality is also hard to define, but we know Quality when we see it enrich a situation.

Let's hope a cartoon in The New Yorker never becomes true. A scientist in a white robe holds up a test tube, and exclaims, "Eureka! I found a substitute for quality!"

John Klingbeil's book, Identity Field Theory, explores how fields of thought are fields of norms, and how identifying the fields of norms is the Prime Directive of Quality. When a person gives prayerful attention to the fields that contain the norms of an identity, thought associates connections through Associational Linkage. Here is a deeper look at linkage. Through Associational Linkage, Quality in prayer is attentive to an identity and its purpose that undergird an organism.

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