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What is it about isolation and shielding from interference that subtly tunes a person's abilities for the better?

Electronically produced beams, waves, and noises so permeate our daily lives that most people don't know what it's like to not have these noises pelting them 24/7. Spindrift had some intriguing fun experimenting with the Faraday Cage concept. Spindrift hopes that future findings focus on and might confirm that by a healer or volunteer being inside a Faraday Cage should help refine his prayerful, mental, and psychic abilities.

With isolation, we are saying to the invasions on our minds, "Excuse me while I disappear."

What is a Faraday Cage? A Faraday Cage is a box or room or wire weave of any size constructed of lead or copper. Lead and copper block out the majority of electromagnetic radiation that is everywhere in the modern world. Jesus Christ said when you pray, go into a closet-room and shut the door, so your thoughts are isolated and secret toward God. Jesus said, "When you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private." (Matthew 6:6 New Living Translation.) In Jesus' day, there was natural radiation, not radio frequency interference RFI (or EMF Electro Motive Force). In the Twenty-first Century, it appears that man induced radiations seep into the "closet" of our mind.

Shielding our individuality is not easy to do when our private consciousness is bombarded by radio frequency interference let alone other people's thoughts that influence us. In Jesus' day many homes had a closet-room set-aside for quiet time and prayer. The upper room was a place of prayer. For modern man, to achieve a quiet mind and shielding from interference, going underground or into a cave or into a Faraday Cage are about the only locations on earth where a human being is isolated enough from radiated radio and radar signals that apparently subtly detune a person's thoughts.

The joke "My train of thought was derailed" may relate to when interference intrudes on our thoughts. Some people think it's silly to believe that radio signals can subtly skew the mind. Spindrift thinks it's logical that a human being who prays in secret and has his or her thoughts shielded from interference has more individual quality thoughts.

Prayer and meditation are not only actions you do anyplace. They can have a prepared place you go to for supporting a light filled mind. What happened when prayer took place in isolation? Not directly measured, but by observation, prayer in isolation apparently produces tighter refinement of the results.

RF protection, also known as radio frequency shielding, has a survival benefit for human beings. EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. If there is an EMP event, which is a transient pulse sent by a sun flare or an EMP attack by an enemy, all modern electronic equipment will be cooked and useless. An EMP attack against the United States should shut down the national grid, the Internet, communication, and civilian transportation. A Faraday Cage can protect your home electronics. A Faraday Cage built around a garage protects your car, so your car will continue to run. If the lights go out, will human beings be prepared? Probably not. Consider building a Faraday Cage to protect your electronic devices. If someone can afford to build one, enclose an entire house inside a Faraday Cage, and the garage, too. Otherwise, the only country that will have cars that run will be Cuba that has cars from no later than the 1950s before sensitive electronics were installed in cars.

The Bible parable of the Ten Virgins and their oil of preparedness also called "the watching parable" might apply (Matthew 25:1-13) as well as the parable of not being prepared (Matthew 24:32-39).

Spindrift suggests when you go on a cave tour, pay close attention to how you feel mentally and physically. There is a salutary effect on you rarely experienced outside the protection of the cave. The cave is one giant Faraday Cage.

Are we so accustomed to noises and radio interference that we don't know are present with us? Yes. Living in our crowded neighborhoods, how would we react to having our homes full of quiet? Give consideration to constructing a closet-room devoid of neighboring noises and radio interference. There is one radio free zone in the state of Virginia. Click here. (Also read A Journey Into Prayer, under the heading "Cave Dweller," pages 350 - 352.)

Suggestions are discussed for how to reduce everyday noises that bombard our ears and bodies in Question 7, number 4, on this same FAQ page.

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