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The concept of Associational Linkage to Persons, Places, Pets, and other Things.

The mental bridges between people and places have a deeper connection than is first seen.

Just as humans are a conduit to the wellbeing of plants. Pets are a conduit to the wellbeing of humans. 

Bruce and John Klingbeil coined the term Associational Linkage to describe the unconscious entanglements we form with people, pets, and targets of attention. Speaking of these associational linkages, the Klingbeils wrote: "We prefer to think of them as the footpaths and highways of the mind.... Healers have some conscious control of what their thoughts rest on. They can determine where the effect of their holy thought will be, even though they cannot determine what the effect will be." The Klingbeils continue:

  • * "For volitional and intentional thought, effect is governed by the belief system of the individual helped along sometimes with visualizations."
  • * "For holy thought the effect is governed by the ideal pattern of the patient or target system as determined by an information base existing somewhere in consciousness...."
  • * "We conclude that the volitional and intentional power of the mind, the holy power of the mind, and the perceptive power of the mind {psychic perception} all use the same associational linkages in relating to the world outside the individual mind. As associational strength increases or diminishes, so does the clarity of the perceptive power and measurable effects of holy and volitional thought." (Quotes from The Spindrift Papers, written by Bruce and John Klingbeil, page marked 5 - 6.)
  • * "Associational links are formed by use and lost by disuse." ( Ibid. , page 3-3.)
  • * "Associational links reside primarily in unconscious thought...vary over time in the mind...ebb and flow with emotion...and can be strengthened through visualization (conscious effort at any given time)." ( Ibid. , page 5.)

A common sense notion was found to be true about Associational Linkage. "Effect is greater when there is not so much to think about." ( Ibid. , page 3-15.) An uncluttered mind has more potential for clarity and focus. Intuitive thought tends to work better when its not too full of other thoughts that could create distractions. Our technological society that constantly fills our attention with texting, robots, and other gadgets often makes us less conscious of how we are emotionally connected to people, places, and our personal history.

Perhaps healers and the rest of us should try to be alert and not get too overpowered by entanglements. Why? Apparently we can't easily untangle our minds from other people's minds that are connecting us together and to targets that unconsciously draw our attention. It seems we can't easily untangle our minds from the noise and media transmissions of society. This bombardment of noise and interference includes culture's constant war of images and sounds from advertising. Advertising entangles us and plays with us. Some advertisements project to us "I'm in control" while linked to our minds.

Have you noticed how fads link to children and adults and push them around to purchase items? We all have noticed. Sometimes advertisers plant false memories in our minds about experiences we never experienced, but because of Associational Linkages to surrounding experiences in an advertisement, we believe we have had comparable experiences. The advertisement may have cleverly played with our memories, through comparable experiences, and convinced us to become a customer.

Is there an analogy between how unconscious entanglement overload and societies' information overload affect our spiritual lives? Yes. Perhaps some children at first are clear channels for spiritual and psychic phenomena because they are not spoiled with entanglement overload. Could children lose their childhoods and natural childhood instincts from cultural overload which includes fast images with sounds? Children and adults are spiritually hindered by constant cultural entanglements. No escaping unconscious entanglements.

Jesus Christ even said that the brief untangled period that children live through indicates what the Kingdom of God is like. Jesus seems to leave the culturally entangled adults as not as close to the Kingdom as children. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me and do not refuse them, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these.” (Luke 18:16, Aramaic Bible in Plain English.)

With effort, we can choose that some images and sounds not dominate our minds. Spiritual and psychic effects seem to occur when there is more clarity in the mind from less noise in the mind to think about in the terrain. It's easier said than done. To attain clarity of thought is a tall challenge in our fast paced world. Noise and cultural images may be one reason why some healers, psychics, artists, and inventors need time alone with their thoughts and abilities.

In contrast to noisy and negative entanglements, positive entanglements are Associational Linkages that form spiritual cords between friends, relatives, healers and healees. These unconscious extension cords may even link us to parallel places outside time and space.

More about youth and an uncluttered mind

A youthful mind has less clutter. In a degree, the challenge to build clearer channels for better psychic and spiritual linkages relates to how we stay associationally linked to our youthful psychic vigor. It's difficult to maintain a youthful linkage during the nosiness of the constant increasing encroaching societal overload that drenches our minds with materialism and media noise that veils our natural psychic and spiritual vigor. What is needed for better prayer and intuition is a youthful thought that stays linked enough to maintain vigor despite the entanglements of materialism.

In short:

1. The strength of our focus of an effect on a situation is proportional to our Associational Linkage to what is prayed for or gets attention.

2. Associational Linkage carries all associations that relate to thought which includes the quality and quantity of thoughts.

3. The prayer's non goal-directed strength of holiness or quality is proportional to the degree of qualitative compassion and love it conveys, not a goal or agenda to be achieved.

4. The prayer's goal-directed strength of faith usually produces "more means bigger, and bigger is better" which amounts to the quantity of the effects as a result on a situation versus the producing of an effective match to the needs of a situation.

(Examples of associations connected by the mind that form links to test subjects are described in Identity Field Theory by John Klingbeil, copyright 1983, pages 97 - 110.)

THE EQUATIONS: Healing by the Numbers

The Klingbeils developed equations that described the Four Laws of Consciousness and the Four Ratios of Consciousness. They developed mathematical equations to interpret how elements of human consciousness interact. The Klingbeils deduced four laws and four ratios. These four laws attempt to breakdown how human consciousness interacts with non quality thought, Quality thought, and resistance in thought. Sometimes resistance is stress added to an organism or sometimes it's non quality thought.

What is non quality thought? It's volitional goal-directed thought that is so focused in one direction that it won't change direction. Non quality thought often won't yield to the introduction of Quality thought that is open to a change in direction when appropriate. Quality in thought tries to override volition in thought that pushes in a single direction to achieve a goal. Quality thought promotes creative healing and mending changes when needed. Quality thought is always aligned with non goal-directed thought and prayer.

The proportion of a healing effect or mending effect is symbolized by the letter "E." What is meant by the word healing or a healing effect? Healing is the movement toward the norms of an organism or what is the nearest best solution for a situation.

Resistance is symbolized by the letter "r." What is meant by resistance? Resistance is the action which works against a healing effect to attune with the norms of an organism or situation. Resistance works against order appearing in the system. Resistance can stress or evil in the system. Also a thought (a non quality thought) can be a type of "r" when that thought pushes in the wrong direction away from the norm seeking direction of a Quality or qualitative thought which strives to move an organism or situation toward a normal condition. Non quality thought is volitional thought that pushes in directions without an awareness of or reference to the norms and order of an organism or situation.

The four laws are "four laws of consciousness." These four laws help to explain how thought works in healing stress in a plant, for example. Healing is understood when the deviation from a normal state of a situation is moved back in range of the norms that define what is known as a normal state. Three of these laws of consciousness are The Law of Quality and Measurable Effect, The Law of Cumulative Effect, and The Law of Human Intent and Measurable Effect. 1

Footnote number 1 refers us to the books the Klingbeils wrote that expand on the math equations as ratios for each of these laws. That is, The Law of Quality and Measurable Effect is represented as K = E / r. The letter K is a constant. E stands for the Quality of thought or measurable effect. The letter r is the resistance in the system. E and r are in a continual relationship. The Law of Cumulative Effect is represented as K = E / q. K is a constant. E is the Quality of thought as a Quality effect. The letter q represents the quantity of prayers and intentions projected on the organisms. If r or resistance is kept the same or constant, E the Quality of effect and q the quantity of prayers or treatments of intention are in a continual ratio to each other. The Law of Human Intent and Mesurable Effect deals with non quality thoughts that includes volitional thoughts. This law is represented as E = m r / m c . Here m r represents the measurement of non quality thought as volitional thought. Here m c represents the control group measurements. Effect or E is proportional to the strength of the force of volitional non quality thought. An r value is not necessary in this equation.

The law of the conceptual whole

The fourth law, The Law of the Conceptual Whole, relates to a question I asked John Klingbeil. "How can we pray for thousands of grass seeds or a bunch of beans or especially many yeast at the same time?"

John said, "We are praying with love and support for the identities of the yeast cells as a whole group. This praying for the whole group as a unit is applying The Law of the Conceptual Whole. The more you can think of the thousands of yeast cells as a single unit--a conceptual whole, the more easily you can conceptualize the pot of yeast cells in your prayers."

John referred to a page he wrote. "In praying for a person, the effect of spiritual healing is not related to the number of cells in the body.... Thus...comparing various tests, one notices that there is no loss of effect...as long as one can conceive of the "patient" as a conceptual whole." Prayer stabilizes the norms of a system as the whole patient. Footnote 2

For this law, E = m 1 + m 2 + ♦ ♦ ♦ m n / n. Here m represents a specific measurement. The letter n represents the number of measurements made of a prayed-for subject. With both Quality spiritual non goal-directed thought and non Quality volitional goal-directed thought, the effects from both these bifurcated mental powers are constant over the entire range of fields of identities, as long as the all the components prayed-for or focused on constitute "a conceptual whole."

What are the Four Ratios of Consciousness?

Quoting The Spindrift Papers, "The Klingbeils postulated that mental fields consist of relationships that could be represented mathematically. Spindrift presumed that the pattern-mending power or healing-power of thought varies with the Quality of thought...the quantity of thought, the degree that thought was linked with the organism being studied or prayed-for, and the resistance the organism was experiencing.

"This set of values gave Spindrift four ratios or equations: E = kQ, E = kq, E = ka, and E = kr. The letter "E" represents the measurable effect. Capital letter "Q" represents Quality of thought. Small case letter "q" represents quantity of thought. The letter "a" represents the degree of Associational Linkage to the organism. The letter "r" represents the degree of deviation from the norms of the organism. And the letter "k" represents the appropriate constant for an equation.

Tests previously done by parapsychologists in which healers prayed for seeds or plants began with a concept of thought as volitional. The assumption was that volitional thought would produce faster growth in the plants and that is what they found. (Although it must be added that this result could not always be easily reproduced)." (Dr. Sandra Peterson, The Spindrift Papers, page H - 2.)

Spindrift proposed a bifurcation of thought. One way was volitional thought and one way was Quality thought. Quality thought was order-referenced to norms that define healing or what is considered to be a normal state of an organism.

The Four Ratios of Consciousness

The following ratios mathematically represent elements of thought.

The term patterning power refers to the amount present of the inflow of quality prayer or qualitative thought. Patterning power attunes to the patterns of the norms for a subject being prayed-for. Patterns of order follow that meet or come close to meeting the needs of a subject. In proportion to the presence of patterning power represented as E, is this quality mending-effect overcoming the resistance to a healing. Resistance is represented by r. A constant is represented by the letter k. Put together the equation is E = kr.

The equation of E = kr was printed on the front page of all Spindrift newsletters and brosures. What does E = kr represent?

• "Ratio One: The measurable effect of a patterning power is in proportion to resistance. This gives an equation of E = kr.

• "Ratio Two: The measurable effect of the pattering power is in proportion to the Associational Linkage of a healer"s thought with the target system or patient. This gives an equation of E = ka.

• "Ratio Three: The measurable effect is proportional to the quantity of holy or spiritual thought. This gives us an equation of E = kq (small case q).

• "Ratio Four: The measurable effect is proportional to Quality of thought. This gives us an equation of E = kQ (capital Q).

"Spindrift hopes that its modest premise that the world of thought is a field that can be represented by equations will someday be considered. It may eventually be found that instead of being spun on the loom of a force field, the world is spun on the loom of a field of thought." (Dr. Sandra Peterson in The Spindrift Papers, page H - 5.

What are fields of thought or fields of identity? Identity fields of thought are the blueprints in the background of each organism from seeds, to plants, to man. String Theory might possibly relate to these fields that hold and distinguish an identity. For more about fields and equations, see Identity Field Theory by John Klingbeil, copyright 1983, pages 17 - 18, 30 - 32, and 37 - 46.)

John Klingbeil defines the sceintific term pre-geometry in his own way. "Pre-geometry: The dichotomy of qualitative thought [order-producing thought] and non-qualitative thought [no reference to order being produced in thought]. The qualitative calculus [that calculates order] and the fluctuating, evanescent non-patterns of non-qualitiative will-power, the interactions of which determine fields." (Identity Field Theory, page 21.)

A Crypto Explanation of Spindrift

Spindrift makes a case that a number of prayers have a field and a number of thoughts and prayers have a field-effect.

When there were effects, Spindrift found these effects in the lab.

1. A goal-directed prayer effect that achieved goals.

2. A non goal-directed prayer effect that achieved what was a proper fix for the circumstances versus what the ego wanted to do with its goals.

3. A prayer effect related to goal-directed prayer that went way beyond what was proper and actually hurt the situation prayed-for; an unintended effect by the person praying who believed he or she was doing good.

4. Then there were people who just had badness in their thoughts and did a negative goal-directed prayer that intentionally did harm. Watch out for being in the field of these folks.

5. Spindrift hopes these effects above will lead to a testing system to qualify spiritual healers, preachers, and psychics who interact with people's lives.

6. The strength of the link between a healer and a patient is the strength formed through unconscious associations that are built-up between the healer and the object getting attention.

7. The Spindrift founders found evidence of Defense Mechanisms interfering with an accurate accounting of psychic and spiritual experiences and effects. See the book The Spindrift Papers on the Documents page. Also see Question 2, point 3, on the FAQ page and the Theory page for details on the strategy of Defense Mechanisms to keep human beings mostly in the dark about their psychic and spiritual experiences.

The quantity and quality of effects monitored in the Spindrift experiments.

The experiments looked at the quantity of effects and also the quality of effects produced by thought and prayer. Spindrift proposed that a holy state of thought enhanced the quality of the effects. Quality was considered to be an appropriate level of order in evidence after prayer.

Bruce and John Klingbeil co-founded Spindrift. Of the seventy some theories and tests of human consciousness and prayer, one theory still has to make a breakthrough on consciousness oriented research. This psychological theory involves what Spindrift found out about the Defense Mechanisms residing in the subconscious mind.

Spindrift argues that dramatic and even subtle spiritual and psychic experiences are manipulated by the Defense Mechanisms, so people don't get the details right. That way, these experiences will be incorrect when remembered and could look foolish to believe. If human beings can clear their egos and minds enough to not be controlled by the Defense Mechanisms, more paranormal phenomena should emerge around human beings. Recollections of past spiritual and psychic experiences should reappear to human memory as well.

Future consciousness research could be benefited by knowing that the Defense Mechanisms are present to run interference between human beings and paranormal truths.

Jesus Christ may be the only person to not be deceived by the Defense Mechanisms. Jesus had an awareness of what was going on in all the levels of his mind. Apparently, Jesus was free from having a subconscious mind that interpreted to him what he saw and decided to think. Thus, Jesus could foresee and anticipate fringe phenomena better than other human beings. Jesus possessed what the Bible calls "The mind of Christ." (1st. Corinthians 2:16.)

Spindrift is effect oriented. An attempt to provide evidence of the existence of God and Deity as the Cause of the effects is a task for other researchers.

The Klingbeils did assume that the "Thy will be done" prayer effects are likely to be in evidence only from the holy thoughts of people of faith. Many more atheists have to be tested to reach that conclusion. Such a conclusion about holiness within human thought would suggest inductively that the Divine is somewhere in consciousness feeding information to us. 

So that is crypto Spindrift.

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