Spindrift Research
Exploring consciousness and prayer
The Spindrift Papers.
The book, The Spindrift Papers, is compilation of most of the experiments with data researched by the founders of Spindrift Inc. John and Bruce Klingbeil worked to get these papers into scientific language. Some commentary is also included. The information in The Spindrift Papers is for the public domain.
Prayer Based Questions Addressed by Spindrift
Conversations with the founders of Spindrift led to original descriptions about prayer and consciousness.

Prayer Based Questions Continued
Additional questions about prayer and related subjects are addressed by the Spindrift Team.

Can Prayer be Primitive and Progressive?
This document discusses ways in which prayer relates to the modern world.

Does the primitive practice of prayer have a chance to be understood by modern science? As consciousness research, neuroscience, quantum discoveries, and spirituality are found to have some common ground, nonlocal prayer might be found as a link between the quality advancements of man and some of the big questions about the universe.

A talk that compares group prayer and individual prayer.
A conference presentation by Bill Sweet called "The Individual and the Group."

Spindrift Research