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This question and the next are about national security. Spindrift was a harbinger of dark prayers that become dangerous religious turbulences for humanity. Spindrift warned people about negative and evil prayers before others took notice.

This one illustrates religions that travel over to the dark side.

What could possibly go wrong with a religion that controls people?

Bad religion has become the most dangerous problem for mankind. A religion becomes dangerous when people fall under the hypnotic trance of a leader and teaching. Jesus warned about religious leaders who are dressed in sheep's clothing, but underneath they were ravening wolves. "Beware of false Prophets who come to you in lambs' clothing, but from within they are plundering wolves." (Matthew 7:15, Aramaic Bible in Plain English.) Here is a line from the movie The Name of the King Dungeon Siege: "In my kingdom, there is no room for madness. We simply call it power." In The Matrix movie, Neo was taught, "What is the Matrix? It's control… It is built to keep us under control."

On February 26, 1993, in New York City, the first World Trade Center bombing occurred.

The Branch Davidian Church had split from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Two days after the New York bombing, on February 28, in Waco Texas, the David Koresh Branch Davidian Church compound was raided for gun violations. The Branch Davidians fought back. Four Alcohol, Tabaco, and Firearms agents were killed. Six Davidians were killed. The FBI began a siege of David Koresh's compound.

On April 19, 1993, the Federal Bureau of Investigation initiated a raid on the Davidian compound. David Koresh ordered his disciples to burn the compound to the ground that killed 76 of his people including Koresh. Some Davidians shot children before the fire killed them.

An FBI airplane and at least one helicopter flew overhead that took infrared thermal pictures of the fires being lit in three locations. The Davidian compound was called Apocalypse Ranch. Both the Waco Davidians and the New York terrorists were hotwired for the Apocalypse.

Bruce and John Klingbeil were alarmed. They called a Spindrift staff meeting to consult about these two religious calamities. Bruce told the staff that the subtext of the fanatical prayers and words spoken and written behind the two catastrophes were not given precedence by legal and political analysts. The analysts didn't have a clue about the religious and political undercurrents or the power of malpractice prayers where prayers go negative. Malpractice prayers focus on targeting the destruction of perceived enemies.

Bruce said on several occasions that if society decides that prayer has no real effect outside of a person's mind. Then when you try to point out malpractice prayers that are prayed with intense fervency, people tend to dismiss what you are telling them as a factor behind evil disruptions and deaths. You have to deal with the poisonous ideology transmitted through evil prayers. Poison prayers and hidden prayers of conspiracy should give society a greenlight to investigate the different effects of religious prayers on the world.

Both Waco Texas and the World Trade Center were religious problems. The Davidians and the terrorists heard and saw everything in their world through religious filters. "Actions speak louder than words," but the crucible of the actions taken were the words and prayers articulated by both religious groups. Their warnings preached and prayed had few listeners.

The Davidians wanted to be left alone. The terrorists were the opposite. They wanted to spread their totalitarian terror as a message from religion to humanity.

What is the endgame of mixing religion and politics in the United States? Religious laws are pushed as superior laws that will reduce the power of the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

The followers of David Koresh and radical Islam used religion to cover-up their political acts. The FBI and law enforcement, the judicial system, and the lawmakers of the United States have to see through the protection of religious covers to the political agendas.

Is it religion? Yes. Is it politics? Yes. Then is it political Christianity and political Islam? Yes.

A person who won’t say “radical Islam” won’t admit that there is a radical wing to Islam.

Every time there is a bombing, we are told, "It's a lie." In repeated cadences of hypnotism, we are told that Islam is a religion of peace. Similar to hearing a brand name, we hear, "religion of peace," over and over again. The Trojan Horse comes in the name of peace. The Trojan Horse actually comes in the name of political agendas to undermine civilization.

The terrorists were lawbreakers who used prayer and religion for evil purposes. Bruce said that evil works its poison in hidden ways of which we're often ignorant, but there are enough malice prayers that openly telegraph what they plan to do to harm people.

Bruce Klingbeil presciently said that Waco and New York were the tip of the iceberg that would grow into a bigger curse for the United States, if the dark forces beneath malpractice prayers weren't taken more seriously.

Bruce was already sensitive to the malpractice prayers that were lobbed at John and him for doing their prayer experiments. Bruce was sick of the psychic attacks on him. Recently, he and John had an appointment with a Salem, Oregon lawyer at his law firm. They sought advice about the ramifications of the attacks on them and some worries about the future of Spindrift. John also repeated to the lawyer what he said many times: “As the years went by, our stack of hate mail grew higher and higher.”

Bruce and John recognized that the religious crazies involved at Waco and New York City were steaming in a cauldron of hate and poisonous prayers directed toward anyone outside their conclave. Spindrift knew of rancorous prayers from Islam evildoers since 1986-87. The Klingbeil family knew about Christian evil prayers decades before 1986-87. Bruce pointed out that malpractice prayers have festered under the radar of religion for centuries and Spindrift should expose that shadowiness. The Klingbeils wanted Spindrift to do more to acquaint people with the dangerous malpractice prayers by Christians and Muslims. Spindrift warned people about the evil prayers.

The adult and children Davidian deaths and the badness of the words and promises spewed from terrorist prayers really shook the Klingbeils.

Gladys Myers, a Spindrift staff member, asked, "With the decisions that were made by the government and the Branch Davidians, could the flaming outcome have been prevented?" Bruce answered, "No."

Both religious groups showed an anti-life martyrdom to be a cherished goal.

David Koresh had a history with the Branch Davidian Sect which showed he was violent. He schemed to take over the Branch Davidian Sect from its leaders, Lois Roden and her husband. Koresh went to war with Lois and her husband over religious disagreements. Lois and her husband had broken off from the Adventist Church. Koresh was envious of their acquired properties and burned down one of Lois’ buildings. Koresh threatened to attack and remove Lois by an armed force of his growing followers. Lois Roden died before his threat was carried out. He got into a gun fight with Lois’ son over leadership. The sheriff never arrested them. Most of the Davidians followed David Koresh and fanatically obeyed him as their new leader. Koresh supplied a lot of the hot apocalyptic writings that his followers craved. By definition, Koresh was a Christian terrorist. Few Americans knew about him until the ATF attack and gun battle on the Apocalypse Ranch.

Bruce said that one point was assured. The New York terrorists and Branch Davidians had in common that when the American Government attacked them and the arrests were made, the attacks were religious prophecies being fulfilled. For example, David Koresh was fulfilling a Bible prophecy to be completed in 1993. In the Book of Revelation, an angel holds a little book. While holding the book, the angel's right foot is on land and his left foot is on water. David Koresh believed he was writing that little book in the angel's hands. The subject of the book was the terrifying opening of the Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation. Koresh agreed to leave the compound when he was done writing his book. David Koresh interpreted that the government agencies were attacking him in his compound to stop him from fulfilling his prophetic commission from God to write the little book. The government should have waited it out. (See Revelation 10:8.)

John cynically said that maybe it takes these dark realities of life and limb caused by perverted prophecies and prayers to become the prime mover to kick start prayer research.

John added what it would be like to test terrorist prayers. The test equipment would probably blowup.

John vigorously added in so many words, "The populace is getting fed-up with bad religion. Religious people who express light and Love are being overshadowed by people who spread poison through dark consciousness. Disaster and disorder in the name of tribal religion have to be addressed before the good patterns conveyed by qualitative holy prayer have a fair hearing."

John continued close to this. "Who needs comedians making a mockery of religion when we have fundamentalists mocking religion through murdering men and modernity? Fundamentalism is tribalized religion versus modernism. Watch out for doctrinaire religionists."

Bruce said in effect, "The Spindrift finding that some goal-directed prayers that are not intended to do harm, but they still do harm, and that some people are mal-practitioners on purpose is troublesome. That finding is a red flag that suggests a reason why religious bomb throwers should be taken seriously rather than just saying these religious crazies are insane." Bruce had a suspicion that the Muslim terrorists and the Branch Davidians compounded a double infliction of power on followers with politics cloaked in a religious teaching.

It wasn't just the Koresh people disobeying the law. Bruce and John were not happy with the government raid and felt it emotionally. They said that if the government can attack the Davidians, the government can go after Spindrift and other off-the-grid groups.

Bruce and John's book on the experiments, The Spindrift Papers, was published and released during the 1993 Waco siege. The 51 day Waco siege took away some of the enthusiasm of the book being published for the co-founders of Spindrift.

Needing some sarcastic relief, the staff thought Bruce and John should write a speech about malpractice prayer called The Future of Evil.

In an interview for a 1989 consciousness conference, John said, "The practice of prayer from a turf premise has justified a lot of evil. If it were so that the power of spirituality belongs only to certain groups, then spiritual laws would have no connection to prayer. Prayer as a monopoly would not become mainline. Prayer would be tribalistic and not scientific. Tribal prayer has justified harm and murder in the name of a dictator God. Not too much Divine Love there. (Laughter) A fond hope for mankind is that the spiritual evolution of man will surpass the evilution of man (pun intended). That might be hoping too much."

On several occasions, Bruce said in effect, "In the United States, you have the separation of church and state. In the Middle East, you have the marriage of mosque and state." See Question 15 which is about praying in public schools.

The following are other examples of dark religious practices.

The Revolutionary War occurred during the late 1700s. Off the north coast of Africa, Muslim pirates attacked American and European ships. The pirates killed sailors but mostly made them slaves and sold the slaves and goods stolen into the Ottoman Empire. A few Europeans converted to Islam to join the pirates in their murder, plunder, and the slave trade.

The first two wars by the infant United States were declared by Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Several years earlier, George Washington gave Jefferson his support. Off and on between 1801 and 1815, the brand new United States Navy and Marines fought the Barbary Wars against the pirates in the African regions in and around Tripoli.

The rationale of the pirates was that their celebrated leader, Muhammad, taught that the ships contained infidels, non-Muslims. The Quran taught that you can do whatever you want to non-Muslims. The ambassador who represented the pirates told Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, "All nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every Muslim man who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise."

In the Twenty-first Century, what is civilization up against when fighting psychopaths that are controlled by their religion? The battle is with forms of Orthodox Islam that control people through prayer and its follow-through to convert or kill infidels. Islamic zombies invoke the name of God for horrid acts. For example, the zombies behead people in the name of Allah. The Islamic terrorists use crucifixion. Adults in this religion teach their children to kill human beings. A Muslim fighter said, "If you aren't on God's side, we will kill you." After their prayers to God, the 9/11 terrorists used passenger jets as bomb vests. In Mosul, Iraq, a teenage boy was beheaded for listening to modern music and two teenage boys were shot and killed for missing Friday prayers. (02/19/16)

Al-Qaeda and ISIS have taken religion and turned it into a war.

A show on the Syfy channel, The Hunters, has this theme. "The terrorists we are chasing aren't human." Who could disagree with that?

A prediction think tank, Agora Inc., reported in 1993:

Especially troubling for many in the West will be the rise of Islam. This could be the biggest threat to world peace in the next two decades. The bomb at the New York's World Trade Center is just a small taste of what is to come.

The specific question that citizens of the United States have to answer is "What number of deaths is acceptable to have for the number of refugees taken in from Muslim countries?" The United States should be responsible for its people and values first.

Many Muslims may not be active terrorists, but they may be sympathizers and don't tell about suspicious fellow Muslims living in their neighborhoods.

Islam immigration in America is almost receiving diplomatic immunity. Any criticism of the religion or immigration is deemed anti-American, anti-religion, and racist.

It's necessary to find the connection between terrorist groups and the connection is Islam. The CIA distinguishes moderate Muslims from radical Muslims as the difference between Islam and Islamism (ism).

Criticizing ideas of Islam, comedian Bill Maher said on HBO, "We shouldn't change our culture to a more backward culture, should we?... People are mixing-up two things; tolerance and capitulation.... Everybody is saying, 'If Americans knew more about Islam, they wouldn't be so afraid.' Actually, its' the reverse. I'm sorry to say it, but the more you know, the more you would be afraid." As an example: Saudi Arabia allows its radical Imams to indoctrinate children with hatred.

American Muslims should be part of the solution which is the reformation of orthodox Islam. Here is an American Muslim group that works to reform Islam. Click: http://muslimreformmovement.org/.

America's reasonable and moderate Muslims have a lot to reform when we recover from what non PC Winston Churchill said:

The religion of Islam above all others was founded upon the sword. Moreover, it provides incentives to slaughter, and in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men filled with a wild and merciless fanaticism. (1899)

Mary Baker Eddy wrote "Does not the doctrine that Mohammed is the only prophet of God infringe the sacredness of one Christ Jesus?" (Mrs. Eddy's book, Pantheism, page 8.)

Atheism has greatly increased its ranks since 9/11. More than any other religion doing bad things to mankind, Islam can take the credit and high honors for creating millions of new found atheists many of whom hate religion.

The year 1993 was a successful year for the Church of Scientology. On October 1st., the Church of Scientology was granted tax exemption because it was a religion. The ways in which the religion of Scientology has controlled, restrained, snooped, and blackmailed some of its members have slowly surfaced in the news.

On March 10, 1993, a Pensacola Florida abortion doctor, David Gunn, was killed by a gun. The Christian man who shot Gunn had been praying to save the doctor's soul. Dr. David Gunn was the first physician murdered for doing abortions.

Before Waco and 9/11, the most mass murders and suicides caused by an American religion were Rev. Jim Jones and his fanatical crew belonging to the Peoples Temple. Twelve Peoples Temple church locations were scattered around California. The Temple's Mother Church headquarters was located in San Francisco. Rev. Jim Jones said, "How can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church." A town named after him, Jonestown was formed in Guyana for his followers to be free of media and family inquiry. $65,000 a month in welfare checks went to Guyana. The checks were signed over to Jim Jones. In November 1978, when a United States congressman and the news media tried to save Americans from the religion's brain washing, the congressman, three news people, and one Temple person trying to leave were shot to death. (Ironically, the congressman's daughter belonged to a different cult.) Five news media people escaped being shot. Then Jim Jones commanded his followers to drink poisoned cool aid. 909 Americans were poisoned to death. Jim Jones was shot. Four other members were instructed to commit suicide.

Back in California, there were mysterious deaths of other Jones' followers. There was some speculation that Jim Jones' killer crew returned to the United States to hunt leftover followers and defectors.

The Mother Church for Jim Jones was destroyed in an October 1989 earthquake.

Not as wild an example but very passionate was the 2012 American presidential election. Three million Republicans let their religious aversion to Mitt Romney belonging to a perceived non-Christian cult, the Mormon religion, make them not vote for him. Religious passion and emotion trumped their voter's rights of citizenship.

At the 1787 contentious Constitutional Convention to fine-tune laws for the infant United States, to quell the combative quarrelling, Benjamin Franklin asked for a vote to have daily prayer presented by one or more members of the clergy. The vote was "no" for prayer based on too many religions represented and a lack of funds to pay a clergyman. The "no" for prayer was by default as the debate time turned into adjournment for the day.

When the discussion of the flaws of a religion becomes necessary, do expect to absorb some backlash for attacking the sacredness of religion.

The Klingbeil family appreciated the following humor. Don't worry about your enemies killing you. Let the church help. Also, dark religions that pray together prey together.

Wouldn't it be ironic if negative prayer became the catalyst for people to become interested in the laws of prayer?

A positive prayer is "May the Christ of good religion prevail over the curse of bad religion."

To end with, 1st. Corinthians 14:33, reads, "God is not a God of disorder but of peace."

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