Spindrift Research
Exploring consciousness and prayer

In contrast to silent prayers, have test participants applied audible prayers?

Yes, but not too often. If it was someone's preference, he or she could give verbal statements. The advantage of silent prayer is its nonphysical character. There are sufficient examples where sound and music promote plant growth. The vibrations of moving air that reach an organism prayed for could interfere with the experiment being considered a clean experiment. Silent prayers do not appear to move air in a known way.

During tests the control group organisms were in the same room as the prayed for organisms. If there were extraneous prayers and noises in the same room, the control group and prayed for group were affected equally.

If a participant were asked to pray from the next room away from the organisms, he or she could pray, meditate, hum, bless, rapp, chant, or talk anything they wanted to about affirming something beneficial toward the organisms. About negative prayer, some participant's prayers harmed instead of healed the organisms tested.

The Spindrift researchers hope that the subtle effects of a spiritualized consciousness become more commonplace as the scientific evidence builds.

Spindrift Research