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How would you describe the Difference between Quality and Quantity?

Quality  reveals  patterns of order. 

Quantity  measures  patterns of order. 

Religion, art, music, and healing deal with quality.  Science deals with quantity.  Is there any relationship between quality and quantity?

Apparently so.  Bruce Klingbeil, co-founder of Spindrift, said:

"Our experience is more than quantity; it's quality, too....  The conventional sciences deal entirely with quantity [measuring things].  The essence of science is to quantify relationships and then express them mathematically.  Yet the bulk of our experience is with the quality of our perceptions.

We think that the heart of our findings has been the discovery of a relationship between quality and quantity.  If this relationship turns out to be true, it will be something that unifies our experience.... Coherence, religion, spirituality, art, and music give our human experience quality."

If you desire to understand how prayer operates within human consciousness.  The quality of your thoughts and skills is necessary to monitor. 

Quality influences many areas of our lives.  In the Twenty-first Century, there has been an acceleration of quality improvements in the entertainment field.  Action movies, video productions, and music with visual enhancements have supplied so many features.  It has become an overwhelming quantity to pick what to enjoy as quality. 

There is grossness mixed in with the improvements in the Arts and Entertainment field.  There is a worry of too much quantity of entertainment choices taking over all our spare time and controlling us through virtual realities and AI.  But there is even hope some rap music is evolving to a better place in the music spectrum.

What do the Arts have to do with prayer and healing?  On the spectrum of quality, consider and designate Quality with a capital Q to be on the divine level of Quality.  This high-level of Quality afflatus is the divine inspiration and Christ-impulse that improves prayer, spiritual thinking, and mindfulness. 

You can conceive of God as Creative Infinite Quality.

Spindrift asked a qualitative question about quality.

The Klingbeils asked, "Will the qualitative distinctions made by Spindrift land in the public's imagination?" The answer depends on the public's curiosity about how Quality affects their lives.  The distinctions made by science, religion, spirituality, the arts, and metaphysics should provide some positive clues.  These areas of the imagination, especially religion and art, provide distinctions that tell unlike things from one another.  The results from discovering distinctions are the qualitative expressions of harmony, healing, and law that become clearer to recognize in our human experiences.

Psychology tells us human beings tend to desire life to get better.  For life to get better requires recognizing qualitative distinctions.  Spindrift hopes that the attraction to desire better quality distinctions in life should gradually win the day.  Then quality should find a more respected place along side quantity .

Qualitative thoughts encourage more Quality.  

Bruce and John said several variations of this sentence:  "Scientists are looking for patterns of order in the universe.  Qualitative research is also looking for patterns of order in the universe."

The Klingbeils also said, in essence, "Follow your intuitions about Quality effects and something will change for the better in your life."

Modern culture tends to promote the quantity of having things too much.  There are times when 'better is better,' not 'more is better.'

When human beings better understand how Quality affects healing, architecture, the arts, athletics, and laws, they should discover patterns that illustrate Quality in quantifiable terms.

Being cognizant of Quality leads to knowing the importance of Quality. 

Have patience.  Quality takes time to develop. 

It should require future insights how to measure Quality. 

Music, dance, art tie-in our creative identity with Soul, Spirit.  

Mary Baker Eddy often asked her students to perceive and investigate the qualitative and quantitative connections going on in "Science, Theology, and Medicine."  This four minute video explores those connections through the quality of wonder.

Benjamin Franklin quotes.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." -- Benjamin Franklin, one the Founding Fathers of the United States 

You could interpret what Benjamin Franklin wrote his wife in July 1757 about almost being shipwrecked to be about the degrees of quality needed in a situation:  “The bell ringing for church, we went thither immediately, and with hearts full of gratitude, returned sincere thanks to God for the mercies we had received.  Were I a Roman Catholic, perhaps I should on this occasion vow to build a chapel to some saint; but as I am not, if I were to vow at all, it should be to build a light-house.”

A thought about spirituality:  Spirituality is the flow of divine Quality within each human consciousness.  Any increase of Quality can help us all become better people and achieve better outcomes in situations. 

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