Spindrift Research
Exploring consciousness and prayer

Brenda Dunne, Manager PEAR Lab
Princeton Univ. 

The irrational recalcitrance stimulated by the monumental implications of the Spindrift studies is not an isolated case. Our own Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program has frequently encountered similar reactions, as exemplified in a recent letter that reads in part: "My point of view was and remains: the deductions drawn from the PEAR experiments are impossible. So, the experimental methods must have been defective.... How could it be otherwise in the REAL world?" One eventually comes to realize that any attempt at rational response to this kind of challenge is futile.... The example of Bruce and John Klingbeil's courageous battle, so vividly depicted in this book ["A Journey into Prayer: Pioneers of Prayer in the Laboratory"], will continue to inspire future heroes as long as the human spirit thrives. 

Samuel Meek

well first I will say that there are spiritual laws --- there are in the k.j.v. when you analyze what is being taught as in Peter getting out of the boat and defying the laws of psychics you hear many different views of what happened if you analyze what was said --you will see that Peter had a part in that ability !!! you say how so --well he was told that he could do it so what was his part "he believed HE could DO it" so when he started looking around and seeing that he could not do this he started to sink --now the power that was causing it was not him but his belief that he could activated that power --- take the woman that had an issue of blood 12 yrs ---how was she healed "she said in her heart that if she could just touch the edge of his Garment she would be healed " and I see that law there also so what do I mean well there were many people touching him with out any effect but she was healed why ???? she believed that if she touched the edge of his garment she would be healed and she was --while the others around them were not ----the power was there but it was accessed by her belief --not in that he could ---but that he would heal her -- there are many other examples I could talk of but just wanted to share my understanding of these laws that cause prayer to function.

Deena Risingsong

I have used and practice with prayer all of my life. I have used with mastered intention prayer to direct my life an thoughts along with meditation. What I found is I could create good events in my life including jobs,relationships etc. What I know and believe is all thoughts are a form of prayer positive good and negative. What I found is once I started recognizing how my negative thoughts became responsible for creating the negative events as well. Then I had to take responsibility for those events as well and watch even with more care and diligence to my negative thinking. Becoming more focused through the use of affirmations was greatly more effective with effecting more positive changes. In 2011 I said a prayer for a man driving a truck full of trees aloud as he came around a corner passing me as I sat in my car. I said a prayer for him and for the trees on his truck and all trees with LOVE filling my heart words and energy field around me. As he came around the corner he seemed to be looking directly into my eyes. It was winter so he could not have heard me and all my windows were up on my car. As he came pass my window I looked directly into his face his truck went around 50 feet and stopped dead and there it sat for a week as I continued to go pass. I was shocked but I have to admit I laughed each time I passed it and found it still sitting there. I did not laugh at that time because I was shocked but I knew it was because of my prayer filled with love. It was not my intention to stop dead his truck I did not even think this to be possible. Once we recognized that all thoughts are filled with this powerful directed energy we have to take careful responsibility. I can say that there are people who are working with dark forces in this world and do not want this truth to be known...how powerful we really are. I was raised to know that we are of the seeds of the Divine and we have these same potentialities and capabilities. The first parts to Genesis tells us directly the course of this truth...first the thought and then aloud the spoken word and all of life was manifested

Daniel Benor, M.D., Author and Researcher

"The Spindrift research is fascinating, original work and an important contribution to the healing research literature. It suggests that our consciousness interacts intimately with our environment, and that prayer and other forms of healing can be potent influences in our lives. Its implications are profound and will take many years to be digested, replicated, and absorbed." -- Daniel J. Benor, M.D., Author, "Healing Research: Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality"

Russell Targ, physicist and writer

Bill Sweet's excellent book "A Journey Into Prayer" offers compelling evidence for the efficacy of healing prayer in the vegetable kingdom. He describes dozens of successful laboratory experiments investigating the growth of plants, yeast, and mold, spanning more than two decades. He also describes the passionate conflict between the researchers at Spindrift and the "believers," who feel that prayer is a matter of faith, not to be investigated in the laboratory.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D., Author, Breakthrough

"A Journey Into Prayer" presents the clearest explanation of the scientific basis of prayer that I have ever read. Bill Sweet shows how prayer can bring together science and religion in a meaningful dialog that will help us understand and apply our own powers to heal.

Theodore Rockwell, nuclear engineer and Author

This book describes the work of some original thinkers, supported by over 20 years of meticulous experimental and analytical research of ingenious design. It bears on the nature of prayer and of healing, and of powers of the human mind little appreciated by most people. Because the philosophical background and the experimental work differs from the mainstream, the research and its important implications for all of us has been largely overlooked. Bill Sweet's homey and disarming writing style presents the material in a personal way that is easily accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Read it, enjoy it, and save your judgment until you have finished and pondered it a while.

Canon M. Perry, Editor, Christian Parapsychologist

Science is a method of finding out how the world works. Religion is a way of finding out why the world works. Healing is a way of ensuring that the world works. Spindrift's experiments on the physical effects of prayer are an exciting example of trying to forge links between science, religion, and healing. All power to their elbow!

George Hansen, Author, Trickster & the Paranormal

Anyone who is contemplating research on Therapeutic Intent should read Bill Sweet's book on Spindrift "A Journey Into Prayer." The animosity toward Spindrift was intense. The magical attacks directed against it were more vicious than anything I'm personally familiar with in either the modern witchcraft or psychotronics subcultures. Bill Sweet documents a vicious campaign against a scientific study of the power of prayer. Anyone interested in research on prayer should read this book because this tragic case will be discussed for decades to come.

Dean Radin, IONS Senior Scientist

This book, "A Journey Into Prayer," documents the inspiring and cautionary true story of Bruce and John Klingbeil, a father and son team of devout Christian Scientists who dared to test their faith in the power of prayer, and of Spindrift, the research organization that helped to support their efforts. The story describes the Klingbeils' courage and personal commitment to learn the truth about the efficacy of prayer, their self-taught but ingenious experiments, the staggering hostility they attracted from both the religious and the scientific communities, and ultimately, the unbearable poignancy in their untimely and mysterious deaths.

Jerry E. Wesch, Ph.D., President, ISSSEEM

Bill Sweet has given the world a deep, enlightening, and disturbing look into a tragic and profound struggle to bring together science, healing, and religion. His book is a "must read" for everyone interested in the science and politics of religion, prayer, alternative therapies, and healing. It is a sobering story. Bruce and John Klingbeil, the Spindrift prayer and healing researchers, were true heroes. Unappreciated by virtually everyone--the church they sought to serve and protect, the skeptics who taunted them, and the public--they strove for 20 years to do the meticulous work necessary to scientifically explore and document the gift of healing. This book is their story. Read it and weep for what we might have learned from them. This is a true story you won't be able to put down.

Larry Dossey, M.D., Author and Editor, EXPLORE

One of the most important developments of our age is the coming together of science and spirituality. Spindrift has played a major role in these crucial developments. Here is the shocking and inspiring story of the Spindrifters, told by an insider.

Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author, How to Know God

Bill Sweet writes in "A Journey Into Prayer" of the controversial laboratory prayer and consciousness experiments of Spindrift Research. Sweet illustrates the explosive nature of aligning science and religion. There is curiously original material in Bill Sweet's book. The left-brain gets a workout, but the right-brain enjoys reading the subtle spiritual insights about prayer and consciousness.

Spindrift Research