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James Alexander Thom

Art Bell and George Noori Interview Bill Sweet

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The Law of Distraction and Interruption Radio Show points out the obstacles that come into our paths. These obstacles often thwart our progress. This program reminds one that our own problems are sometimes created by own mental designs.

Agented by his third wife, well-known international platform speaker Dr. Cody Sweet, Thom came to the attention of a women's romantic paperback editor at Avon Books. Thom has published SPECTATOR SPORT and numerous award-winning historical novels.

Bill Sweet's interest in how consciousness and prayer relates to science and religion, brought a natural connection between like-thinking people involved in the research of prayer and consciousness. That group was Spindrift Research.

A club that specializes in a way to hear the refinement of the sound of music in the highest degree.

Spindrift Research